Mike Wewerka


Mike is a Baltimore native who relocated to a couple of different areas in Florida before settling down with his family in Tallahassee. He's currently a Graphic Design Samurai who likes to drop R.A.P.S. in COD and troll the world’s technology forums to occasionally remind those who need it, why they are incorrect and their tech is trash/flawed/doo-doo. Click for more.

Jsun Torres


Jsun was born in Long Island, New York yet raised in Florida. I have lived all over the state in my lifetime. As a child with my parents we started somewhere in Daytona, then to Orlando, then across the state to Palm Harbor, and finally good ole Spring Hill until graduation then I left back to Orlando. I did some college, did some back and forth from the Hill to Orlando before winding up in all places- Polk County, Lakeland where I met my soon to be future wife and relocated to Sarasota with my 3 kids and Boston Dutch for the past 16 years. Click here for more.

Matt Krach


Matt is a bald, sassy MoFo. Daddy, playa and one hell of a dresser. Look at that sombitch!


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